Name: ?
Age: 17
Prns: Any
I have been staring @ this
computer screen for
way 2 long!

Welcome to my Twisted Mind

Welcome to my personal website, made by your resident dead bitch (me!) and fueled purely by sewer sludge, tylenol and industrial music.
This site is a major wip atm, i add bits to it every now & then. Thx for taking a look!
NOTE: this site is absolute dookie on mobile.

(13/6/24) added music page, click here! it's very boring atm

(13/6/24) added character page for myuu! click here!

music recs page to be worked on
all character page chibis need replacing 0/17 done (insane)
fullbodies for all characters X_X 0/17
.... favicons for all character pages 0/17


This page was made using a template by repth @ neocities, I actually have like 0 coding knowledge whatsoever lawl...