Name: ?
Age: 17
Prns: Any
I have been staring @ this
computer screen for
way 2 long!

About Me

I'm 2myuu, but i also go by myuu! I'm a digital artist posting from beyond the grave. ^_^
I am a hugeee fan of BLACK & RED, EMO FASHION & MUSIC, METAL (as in, the shiny stuff!), PIERCINGS, and THE UNDEAD.

I really adore early 2000s (and sometimes even 1900s) fashion, art and aesthetics, and try to incoporate them into my art. This mostly includes emo/alt fashion and glamfur. My art is very inconsistent since I tend to draw whatever i'm into at the moment.
Some media i'm obssessed with include JTHM (shocker!), Invader Zim, Unico, Emily the Strange, Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl and NANA. Click here for a more extensive list.
I also think blinkies are tha bestest thing evar!! Lookit them go

Art Info

My main art program is Medibang Paint.
I don't do commissions at all. Please do not message me with any commission inquires. Art trades are open to mutuals only.
You are allowed to use my art for icons, banners, or any sort of personal use, with credit!
Reposting, editing or using my art for profit is not allowed.
Feel free to take inspiration from/reference my art! All I ask is for you to be respectful, don't copy/heavily reference my characters or exact drawings. Thank you!


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